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DwarsSoft Slijpsteen Sudoku Solver V6.6 (visitor 177238, downloads 11090)

Welcome to our ultimate Sudoku cracker site. Using the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0, our small program provides relief for any Sudoku addict and facilitates a return back to normal life. This because once you've seen the computer solving the most difficult puzzles in just seconds, you'll soon realise that there's more in life then these 9 by 9 bastards. Meaning you can then start to devote your energy, your brains, your life again to those things that really matter: spouse, family, friends, peace on earth, environment, shares, art.... 

New! Now with Sp!ts option. Solve the Spits puzzle in just one click... Hey - if you are that smart commercial guy or girl who thinks we both could get rich now, then help us out to make some real money out of this - we'll take the free download of this site, you manage our (c) rights, provided you take care of collecting the fees for downloads. Get in touch with us now by dropping an e-mail message.


This is how to get it. It's free!

step 1: Check that your PC has Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed. If not then download it first form http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/updates/default.aspx

step2: Download our DwarsSoft Sudoku program by clicking here.

step3: UnZip it, ignore the warnings, trust us. Then: enjoy!


This program is really unique because it also solves the 'NRC variant', a Sudoku version that's published every Saturday in the Dutch newspaper also known as 'slijpsteen'.  On top of that, it supports 'diagonal mode', adding an extra dimension. Plus we allow you to pick either 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 block sizes. 3x3 is the most commonly used, but have a go at 2x2 - great fun for small kids. Or what about 4x4: a tough challenge for mastermind, but our program just cuts trough them. Plus we've gone for the extra mile: did you think 6x6, 8x8 and 12x12 sudokus where not possible? Well, try our latest asymmetric option with variable X and Y blocksizes! All with 'generate' tabs to make new puzzles on the fly (well, nearly, it takes a minute or so), do as many as you want. Our 'generate' option lets you preset certain cells, which will be blanked off in the puzzle. So if you want "I*LOVE-WD" as part of the puzzle's solution, then opt for tab 'generate' and pick 'with presets, force preset blocks to hide'.

Also nice is that we enable you to solve letter Sudokus. Even with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew or Arabic characters... 

We also allow you to generate new puzzles on the fly, with varying levels, with or without NRC mode, with or without Diagonals. But please don't try this in 4x4 block modes, because that will simply take too long.

Oh and by the way - if there's more then one solution, the 'Solve plus' button enables you to find out. Actually, the program is so smart that even a complete blank sheet will be solved!

Have fun. 

Free to download and use, if you want the Microsoft Visual C++ source code, then send us a message

Download the Sudoku Solver for PC! (39 KB, zipped) - (already 11090 times downloaded)
Download the solver for PocketPC! (7 KB, zipped) - (already 193 times downloaded)

- .NET 2.0 Framework for the PC or other platforms. (download .NET 2.0 from Microsoft)


Easy import and export, through the <<< and >>> buttons and the cut&paste text field.

So what's ' recursion depth '? If direct elimination doesn't solve the puzzle yet, then we use a random number generator to guess one cell from a range of left over possibilities. Recursion depth parameter allows for multiple guesses if a first guess doesn't crack the puzzle. With 'recursion depth' at  60, we'll even solve an entire empty puzzle. Also with NRC and diagonal modes.


Letter Sudoku? No problem for our solver. 


Rather have Chinese or Japanese characters? No problem! No keyboard for those characters signs? Then cut&paste from a file or website. However, ensure that you have the right Windows language/character sets installed.


Prefer the very basic stuff, say for those far under the age of 10? Then try the 2 by 2 block size.


Or, if you want to go extreme.... 16x16 The Sudoku, also with diagonal, with NRC blocks. Hmmm....


Maybe that's over the top. How about this then: 12 by 12 with asymmetric blocks....




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